Reduce back pain with Dru Yoga

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Reduce back pain with Dru Yoga

Did you know that back pain is one of the most common reasons for a visit to a UK doctor? Perhaps you’ve experienced back pain? If you have then you know how miserable it can be. Dru Yoga is backed by scientific research which indicates that it can help reduce back pain!

The science bit

A lot of the research into Dru yoga has been conducted by Dr. Ned Hartfiel. His research in 150 NHS employees suggested that an 8-week Dru Yoga programme, compared with usual-care, was associated with improvements in health-related quality of life and reductions in both physical and psychosocial components of back pain. He also found that the yoga group visited health professionals for back pain only half as often as the usual care group during the six month study. The results are very encouraging but larger trials are needed to further prove the impact yoga has on back pain. You can read Dr. Hartfiel’s research here:

An earlier study by Dr Hartfiel also indicated that workplace yoga may reduce perceived stress and back pain and improve psychological well-being. You can read about this here:

My experience with Dru Yoga

When I started my Dru Yoga teacher training, I was very stressed. I’ve already talked about how Dru Yoga helped reduce my stress and anxiety and really changed my life but I haven’t mentioned the physical benefits!

I was suffering from back, neck, and shoulder pain related to old injuries. I often had chronic headaches and musculoskeletal pain – I was a constant pest asking for massages! I’d had physiotherapy, osteopathy, cranial sacral therapy, and acupuncture. All these techniques provided relief but it was never long-lasting.

I began to practice Dru Yoga everyday. I did Energy Block Releases like EBR1 and EBR7, and practiced the spinal alignment sequence regularly. I soon noticed the difference – my posture improved and my neck began to crack less. Lower back pain was reduced and my shoulders also moved more freely and crunched less. Soon I stopped pestering for massages and my regular headaches became a thing of the past. Now I use my Dru Yoga like a first-aid kit – any sign of musculoskeletal pain and I use poses and stretches to deal with it! It’s not just me – my back care class tell me how much easier they find it to move now; that’s so encouraging to hear.

Find out for yourself

The best way to evaluate something is to find out for yourself! If you’re interested in Dru Yoga (and you’re in the Bicester area) you can contact me about classes and 1:1s. Alternatively, check out the Dru website at

Have a great day!