Happy little mudras!

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Happy little mudras!

Today’s mudras are both thought to be good for boosting your energy and improving wellbeing! Two happy little mudras!

Makara mudra – crocodile gesture

For those of you who know makarasana (crocodile pose), you probably already recognised the makara means crocodile. This mudra is useful when you are trying to balance a lot of tasks. It may help you access your energy reserves, eases depression, create a sense of wellbeing, and aid the kidneys. A multi-pupose mudra!

Udana mudra – upward-flying energy gesture

You might remember from my blog on Vata dosha, Udana vayu (moves upwards) which is based at the navel, lungs, and throat. As this vayu moves upwards, it’s perhaps not surprising that the Udana mudra is uplifting! This mudra may help to create energy for the voice and expression. It is thought to be good for creativity, speaking, and laughing. It may bring happiness and lightness! Great for artists of all kinds!

I hope today’s mudras can help you feel a sense of happiness and wellbeing! Have a beautiful day everyone!