Reflections on the miracle of life

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Reflections on the miracle of life

Do we stop and appreciate life? Do we celebrate every breath? Probably not…especially when life doesn’t go as we planned. Yesterday, I was given an incredible lesson – one which I will deeply cherish for the rest of my life. I experienced the miracle of life.

I should probably give you a little background to that bold statement! A few months back, my best friend/spiritual sister asked me to be her birthing partner. I was honoured and accepted straight away. However, as time went on, we realised that it might not be logistically possible (as I live nearly 3 hours away from her). I really wanted to be there to support her though…so I put it to the Universe and trusted that whatever was to unfold would be for a higher purpose.

Anyway, this weekend, everything aligned as it was meant to and I found myself exactly where I needed to be. My friend went into labour and I was there to support her. What I witnessed was a testament to my friend’s yoga and meditation practice throughout her pregnancy and her incredible resilience.

My friend had an incredible pregnancy – she flourished and mde it look easy. I expect you’re thinking “I bet she’s going to say how easy the birth was”…well, I’m not – nothing went as planned! Arriving at hospital, she was monitored and it became apparent that baby’s heart rate would suddenly drop with the very strong contractions. The option for a water birth rapidly disappeared –my friend took it in her stride and accepted that. Then it became clear that staying on a midwife-led ward was not possible – my friend accepted that too.

During her labour, the staff were impressed at her amazing calm and how she went from contraction to contraction with such grace and peace. Despite being in considerable pain she was determined to give baby the most relaxed entry into the world as possible. Each push should have been bringing baby closer to the outside world, but there was something wrong. Despite her strength and resolve, baby was not able to slide past the base of her spine.

After a very long time of trying to allow baby to enter naturally into the world, it was confirmed that baby was in the wrong position and that an instrument delivery would be necessary. This was the last thing my friend had wanted, but as baby’s heart-rate was dropping with each contraction, she accepted the change in plans and put her trust in the Universe that baby would be delivered safely.

Sat outside the theatre, waiting for the team to administer an epidural, were the longest minutes of my life so far. I used my mala and I prayed that my friend and baby would be OK. When I was called in, after what seemed like an eternity, it all became a blur. Suddenly, my friend was pushing as hard as she could and the doctor was using forceps to free baby. And there was a Guru present! A radiant consultant called Miss Guru stood offering guidance. She exuded calm and serenity. Soon baby appeared.

Baby was placed on my friend’s chest but was quickly whisked away. Although the fantastic theatre staff were very calm, I could see baby was very floppy and he wasn’t crying. Again, I prayed. The team were doing something to baby, but I couldn’t see. Miss Guru gave me a beaming smile and said baby would be OK and was beautiful. I instantly trusted her and in that moment I heard baby crying!

At first it looked like baby would need to be taken to the special care baby unit. He had to be given rescue breaths straight after being born. My friend said to me with confidence “he needs to be with me” and I knew he would be coming with us. It was as if my friend was telling the Universe tshe was happy to accept everything that had happened, but this part of the plan was non-negotiable! Sure enough, while my friend was in recovery, the team decided baby should go with Mum and be monitored on the maternity ward.

As soon as baby lay in my friend’s ams, he became so tranquil and relaxed. She enveloped him in unconditional love. When it was my turn to hold him at last, I sang him a mantra – he opened his eyes and looked straight at me. I’m sure he recognised the mantra from when he was inside the womb. I was flooded with an immense sense of gratitude – gratitude for this perfect little soul, gratitude for my beautiful friend, gratitude for the dedicated hospital staff, and gratitude for the miracle of life.

So what lessons was I taught?

  • We are born to do amazing things with our lives, whether it be giving life to another or doing a job where we are serving others. We should embrace our gifts and trust in our higher purpose.
  • Go with the flow, no attachment – acceptance is the key to peace.
  • Trust the Universe and it will unfold as it should (even though the path may not always be easy).
  • Value friendship – we are all connected.
  • Be grateful for every moment.
  • Life is a wondrous gift.
  • Life is a miracle.

I want to thank my dear friend – she is a shining light and a great inspiration to all she meets. I feel so privileged to have been present at such a auspicious event.

What can you do with the amazing gift of life? Do something fantastic today. Namaste.