Mudras for the sinuses

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Mudras for the sinuses

Today I’m looking at a couple of mudras which might benefit the sinuses with all this pollen about!

Bhuchari mudra – gesture of gazing into the void.

Quite a dramatic name for this mudra but it is really lovely to do! This mudra is performed as shown in the photo but with the thumb nail at the lips so that you gaze out at the tip of the little finger while blinking as little as possible. This mudra frees the mind, strengthens nerve pathways in the neck and eye, and cleansing the sinuses and tear ducts.

Maha-Shirsha (great head) mudra – gesture for relieving the overactive mind.

Maha-Shirsha means great head and is a wheel mudra for relieving the “monkey mind”. It can help you clear your thoughts. Focusing on this mudra is thought to bring stress relief, ease tension and relieve migraines and sinus congestion. Just what you might need if you suffer from hayfever!

I hope you’re enjoying the mudras so far – I’ll be back tomorrow with some more finger-knotting fun!