Mudras for listening and expression

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Mudras for listening and expression

Happy International Yoga Day! In my role as a yoga teacher and a trainee counsellor, I find it is important to actively listen to people. The first mudra today is helpful for focusing on this. It’s also important as a teacher to be able to express myself – focusing on the throat chakra (vishuddi) is useful and the second mudra is a good one to help with this.

Nivedana mudra – making known gesture

This mudra is performed with only the left hand and is useful for deep listening when the mind is at peace. It helps you focus on complex conversations and stops the mind from being busy.

Vishudda mudra – gesture of the throat chakra

This mudra represents the communication centres allowing you to speak your truth positively and effectively. It permits authentic communication with others. Great for if you feel you have lost your ability to express yourself.

Have an amazing day – listening and expressing! Happy International Yoga Day!