More marvellous mudras!

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More marvellous mudras!

So today I have a couple more mudras for you to enjoy…even though my autocorrect would like you to enjoy a nice madras!

Adhomukha mudra – downward facing gesture

This mudra helps you to focus on increasing wisdom and inner strength – it also helps you to prepare for meditation. It stimulates the digestive fire and encourages detoxification.

Those of you who know your yoga poses might notice that the name of this mudra is similar to adhomukha svanasana (downward dog pose). That’s because adhomukha is sanskrit for downwards (adhas = down, mukha = face)!

Bhu mudra – earth (Bhu) touching gesture.

This mudra is good for grounding yourself and being the present moment. It is an excellent mudra to use when meditating to induce stability and “stickability”! It’s great to connect to the earth in this way.

I’ll be back again soon with more mudras!