Meditation mudras

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Meditation mudras

Yesterday, I introduced you to the Jnana mudra – one of my favourites! There are lots of mudras to explore though so today I’m going to show you a couple that are great for use during meditation.

Chin mudra – gesture of free consciousness.

You will probably be familiar with this mudra – it’s the one that’s commonly seen in cartoons of yogis! It is similar to the Jnana Mudra but the palm faces upwards. The joining of the index finger and the thumb still represents that connection with the Universe and it helps you become attuned to your environment. Chin mudra is used to instil calm and harmony.

Vishnu mudra – gesture of universal balance

The Vishnu mudra is the mudra for universal balance – balance of the physical and the mental. It balances muladhara, swadhisthana, and manipura – the lower chakras. It’s a great one to do during meditation or breathing techniques to induce calm, reduce stress and anxiety, and to tame the emotions!

Join me tomorrow for some more madras!