Mastering mudras

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Mastering mudras

I really love the beauty of hand mudras and the amazing way they can influence the subtle energy body to create a feeling of well-being.

Mudra means seal, gesture, or mark. They are typically hand gestures but can also involve the body. I like to use hand mudras during my yoga and meditation practice to help me focus my mind. Different mudras can be used to access qualities like patience and compassion and can help us ground and release.

One of my most adopted gestures is the Jnana mudra – I love using it in my favourite pose, natarajasana. It’s the mudra of wisdom and knowledge. The thumb represents universal consciousness and the index finger represents individual consciousness. By connecting the thumb and index finger we connect ourselves with the Divine Self. The Jnana mudra represents connectedness with the Universe! Beautiful hey?

Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to some more mudras that are good to use during meditation.