Finger-knotting mudra fun!

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Finger-knotting mudra fun!

Yesterday I promised you some finger-knotting fun…well, here are two mudras which you might need to warm your fingers up for!

Kilaka mudra – good health key, mystical puzzle key.

This mudra might look like a mystical puzzle but it’s a great one to try! It is said to help emotional balance and create a sense of safety. It’s also thought to be good for deepening and supporting relationships. Looks complicated but feels amazing when holding the mudra!

Mandala mudra – circle universe gesture

This mudra is said to protect against negativity and help with health problems. Focusing on this gesture may help you connect with the earth, drawing energy in to improve your quality of life! It’s quite a complicated one – so take it gently!

Have fun with these mudras and remember – keep those fingers warmed up and don’t force anything! Namaste!