Downward dogs in style

It was so great to see how hard everyone worked tonight at downward dog – quite a tough pose and everyone had a go! We’ve made a very big step towards learning the sun sequence! Thank you to my wonderful class 🙂

There won’t be a class on the 16th of October as I am up at the amazing Dru centre in Snowdonia! Back to normal the following week until Christmas!

Another lovely class


Another great class tonight – so lovely to see how quickly the wonderful ladies are improving – lots of excellent cats, bridges, and sphinxes tonight. So amazing to see. I’m happy to be able to share their journey!

Just a quick note – there are spares mats if people want to come but don’t have a yoga mat – just drop me a message and I will put one by for you. I also offer 1:1 tuition if a group class is not your thing :-).