Magnificent mudras

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Magnificent mudras

Mudras are a beautiful way to influence energy flow within the body to create a feeling of wellbeing. Meaning seal, gesture, or mark – Mudras are typically hand gestures but can also involve the body. Hand mudras are an effective way of focusing the mind and very useful during meditation. These simple, yet powerful, gestures can instil qualities such as patience, strength, compassion, and creativity while also helping us to ground, dispose of emotional and physical baggage, improve relationships and gain balance in our lives. Not bad for such subtle movements! Hand mudras are especially lovely to use during meditation. I have recently been posting a “Mudra for the Day” on my Facebook page – have a look there for more information.



Remember to gaze into your beautiful palms each morning and see the wonder that is you. See yourself as you truly are – amazing inside and out.


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