Tree Meditation

Today I thought I’d offer you a meditation which you can do in Tadasana or seated in a chair. It’s extra special to do it outside! 

  • Stand or sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Take a deep breath in and sigh it out. Feel the body and mind relaxing with each sigh.
  • Imagine that you are plugging the heels and the balls of the little and big toes into the earth – almost like connecting a plug into a socket. Spread your toes and wiggle them into the earth.
  • Feel your breath entering in and flowing out at your nostrils (you might notice the air is a little cooler as you breathe in and slightly warmer as you breathe out). Follow the breath down through the body until your awareness reaches the souls of your feet.
  • Start to visualise with every breath sending strong roots down into the earth, deeper and deeper with every out breath. Imagine these roots passing through the earth, rocks, and into crystal caverns glimmering brightly. See these roots reaching through the caverns into a cool, clear underground stream, sparkling and inviting.
  • With your next in breath, start to imagine that you are drawing up the nourishing water through your roots, see it flowing upwards, back through the caverns, rocks, and earth. Feel a sense of stability from your roots extending deep into the earth.
  • Imagining drawing that stability and nourishment up through your legs, visualising your body as a strong tree trunk – supportive yet flexible. Settle into that strength with your next out breath.
  • Feel your spine lengthening and imagine growing upwards through the crown of your head. Visualise the branches of a tree, covered with emerald green leaves. You might like to gently rock from side to side (keeping your core lightly engaged) – feeling the strength and flexibility of a tree gently swaying in the breeze. Affirm to yourself “I can flow like a tree in the breeze, no matter what life brings”.
  • Feel sunlight shining down on you and with your next in breath, feel as if you are drawing golden light in through the crown of the head, down through the forehead and the throat, and then rest your awareness at the heart.
  • Breath in and out through the heart, visualising all the qualities of your favourite tree and seeing the colour of those emerald green leaves. Stand for as long as you feel comfortable
  • When ready, take some deeper breaths and slowly become aware of your physical body and the world around you.
  • Gently rub your hands and place them over your eyes. Open your eyes into the darkness and then separate your fingers to gently let the light in. Take time to ground before continuing your day.

Enjoy nature whenever you can!


Meditation classes in Bicester!

In preparation for my meditation teacher training assessment in July, I will be starting to run meditation classes on a Monday morning in Bicester. If you would be interested in taking part please let me know (email me at or via Facebook). The classes will run on a “pay what you feel” basis while I am a student!