Top tips for blogging from the heart

Over the past 30 days I’ve been taking part in a 30 day blogging challenge. When I was first inspired to so the challenge by a lovely lady called Linda, I was quite daunted by the task ahead…how was I going to blog for 30 consecutive days? What could I possible have to write about that other people might find interesting? I wasn’t sure but I decided I wanted to challenge myself. Anyway, here I am at the other side and I wanted to share with you my blogging tips so you can go out and share your wonderful words with the world.

  • Be accountable.
    • I joined the 30 day blogging challenge on Facebook:
    • Why? For a small donation, I received an email every day with useful tips and was encouraged to share my blogs through the Facebook group. This meant that I was accountable and received support from people too.
  • Get a blogging tool and use an app.
    • I use WordPress and I also downloaded the WordPress app to my phone – this made writing blogs so much easier. I could write blogs on the go and it was simple to upload photos from my phone. In fact, I often used the phone app even when I could have gone on to the full site.
  • Think about the people you are writing to.
    • The 30 Day Blogging Challenge talks about your ideal client – for me, this wasn’t quite what I wanted to do. I wasn’t looking to write to new clients…I wanted to write to anyone who was on a yogic journey of any sort. I wanted to write things that might help yoga teachers, yoga students, people interested in Ayurveda, people interested in Bhakti…anyone really! I just wanted to connect. This probably isn’t the best way to blog if you are looking to generate business…then you should target your ideal client, but I just wanted to reach out.
  • Think about what your message is.
    • My passion is to unite and empower people…that’s why I have the Mind Body Spirit Bicester Facebook group too (it’s not just for Bicester by the way). I would love to see Bicester become a spiritual hub – full of holistic therapists, yogis, teachers, and community but my dream is for global unity. If you want to put anything on Facebook that relates to that then just send me a post through the group.
    • One of the messages of Dru is “empowered people creating global unity” – an amazing dream that could become reality if we all work together. One of my teachers said to me “If you want to be an empowered person then help create empowered people”. What an amazing insight.
    • Another Dru message is “Giving people the tools to transform themselves” – this is so important. Dru Yoga really transformed my life and I am so passionate about sharing that gift. I’m not sure how to do it all yet but I’m teaching at festivals and trying to get more classes going…watch this space for workshops too hopefully! Giving people the tools to transform themselves is something that resonates with me as a trainee counsellor. I won’t go into my plans for the future but I have an idea brewing which may be years in the making!
  • Don’t be afraid.
    • At first I was worried what people would think of my blogs but then I started to get lovely comments and messages. I realised people liked different things. We might not be able to please everyone, but sometimes a snippet of what we write could help someone. You might never know that so keep writing.
  • You have more info then you think.
    • I found lots of things which I had started to write that I could quickly transform into blogs. I remembered things that I had posted which had only reached a few people so I adapted those too. It’s surprising how much stuff you can come up with! Find things you want to know more about and as you research them, write about them. It really helps you expand your knowledge too.
  • Have fun.
    • Don’t make it a chore. If you’re really not enjoying blogging, take a different perspective…maybe look at writing about something else…or maybe do photo stories or graphics! Tell your story in the right way for you.
  • Write from the heart.
    • The post I had the most reactions to was Reflections on the Miracle of Life. I wrote this on my way home after being my best friend/soul sister’s birthing partner. I wrote it from my heart without really thinking about the words. I just knew I had to tell her story. After I posted it, I wondered if it was too personal but I am so glad I didn’t withdraw it. So, write from your heart – be authentic and true. You are perfect as you are and the world deserves to see that amazing side of you.

Image by John Hain

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my blogs over the last 30 days. I really appreciate it and it would be amazing to see you blogging too! I’ve decided that I will carry on blogging, although not every day!

Gandhi said “be the change you want to see in the world”, sometimes we think we might not have the resources, the internal strength or the wisdom to do that…but together we can and each journey starts with that single step.

We all have unique gifts and talents…don’t be afraid to share them with the world! Namaste and Om Shanti.

Mudras for the end of the 30 day blogging challenge!

Well…I’m nearly at the end of my 30 day blogging challenge…in fact, today is day 30! So, today here is a mudra for abundance and a mudra that looks cute!

Kubera mudra – gesture of wealth

This mudra is good for focusing your thoughts on what you would like. You set an intention and think of this while holding the mudras! You could also visualise the goddess Lakshmi if you wanted to. The photo includes guest hands – my Dad’s!

Kurma mudra – tortoise gesture

This mudra is good for the practice of withdrawing the senses (pratyahara). It helps you to focus on conserving your strength (mentally and physically) , enabling you to recharge and dispel negative energy. Plus…it looks a bit like a tortoise! Kurma was one of the incarnations of Vishnu.

Well, thank you for joining me on my blogging journey – I will be back tomorrow with a blog on how the journey was for me and things I discovered on the way! Namaste!

Happy little mudras!

Today’s mudras are both thought to be good for boosting your energy and improving wellbeing! Two happy little mudras!

Makara mudra – crocodile gesture

For those of you who know makarasana (crocodile pose), you probably already recognised the makara means crocodile. This mudra is useful when you are trying to balance a lot of tasks. It may help you access your energy reserves, eases depression, create a sense of wellbeing, and aid the kidneys. A multi-pupose mudra!

Udana mudra – upward-flying energy gesture

You might remember from my blog on Vata dosha, Udana vayu (moves upwards) which is based at the navel, lungs, and throat. As this vayu moves upwards, it’s perhaps not surprising that the Udana mudra is uplifting! This mudra may help to create energy for the voice and expression. It is thought to be good for creativity, speaking, and laughing. It may bring happiness and lightness! Great for artists of all kinds!

I hope today’s mudras can help you feel a sense of happiness and wellbeing! Have a beautiful day everyone!

Bring me sunshine!

Today’s mudras bring sunshine and grounding! Bhumi-Sparsha is great if you’re feeling a bit “Vata”!

Manipura mudra – gesture of the solar plexus

This mudra is quite challenging to perform but feels great! It is said to give you the courage to change and accept transformation. Focusing on this mudra may improve self-esteem, confidence and inner strength. Embrace the sunlight!

Bhumi-Sparsha mudra – earth witness gesture

This mudra is good for grounding yourself both physically and mentally. If you struggle to become still for meditation – try this mudra, it can help you focus on coming to a place of peace. It is performed with both hands – excuse the pjs!

Mudras for listening and expression

Happy International Yoga Day! In my role as a yoga teacher and a trainee counsellor, I find it is important to actively listen to people. The first mudra today is helpful for focusing on this. It’s also important as a teacher to be able to express myself – focusing on the throat chakra (vishuddi) is useful and the second mudra is a good one to help with this.

Nivedana mudra – making known gesture

This mudra is performed with only the left hand and is useful for deep listening when the mind is at peace. It helps you focus on complex conversations and stops the mind from being busy.

Vishudda mudra – gesture of the throat chakra

This mudra represents the communication centres allowing you to speak your truth positively and effectively. It permits authentic communication with others. Great for if you feel you have lost your ability to express yourself.

Have an amazing day – listening and expressing! Happy International Yoga Day!

Finger-knotting mudra fun!

Yesterday I promised you some finger-knotting fun…well, here are two mudras which you might need to warm your fingers up for!

Kilaka mudra – good health key, mystical puzzle key.

This mudra might look like a mystical puzzle but it’s a great one to try! It is said to help emotional balance and create a sense of safety. It’s also thought to be good for deepening and supporting relationships. Looks complicated but feels amazing when holding the mudra!

Mandala mudra – circle universe gesture

This mudra is said to protect against negativity and help with health problems. Focusing on this gesture may help you connect with the earth, drawing energy in to improve your quality of life! It’s quite a complicated one – so take it gently!

Have fun with these mudras and remember – keep those fingers warmed up and don’t force anything! Namaste!

Mudras for the sinuses

Today I’m looking at a couple of mudras which might benefit the sinuses with all this pollen about!

Bhuchari mudra – gesture of gazing into the void.

Quite a dramatic name for this mudra but it is really lovely to do! This mudra is performed as shown in the photo but with the thumb nail at the lips so that you gaze out at the tip of the little finger while blinking as little as possible. This mudra frees the mind, strengthens nerve pathways in the neck and eye, and cleansing the sinuses and tear ducts.

Maha-Shirsha (great head) mudra – gesture for relieving the overactive mind.

Maha-Shirsha means great head and is a wheel mudra for relieving the “monkey mind”. It can help you clear your thoughts. Focusing on this mudra is thought to bring stress relief, ease tension and relieve migraines and sinus congestion. Just what you might need if you suffer from hayfever!

I hope you’re enjoying the mudras so far – I’ll be back tomorrow with some more finger-knotting fun!

More marvellous mudras!

So today I have a couple more mudras for you to enjoy…even though my autocorrect would like you to enjoy a nice madras!

Adhomukha mudra – downward facing gesture

This mudra helps you to focus on increasing wisdom and inner strength – it also helps you to prepare for meditation. It stimulates the digestive fire and encourages detoxification.

Those of you who know your yoga poses might notice that the name of this mudra is similar to adhomukha svanasana (downward dog pose). That’s because adhomukha is sanskrit for downwards (adhas = down, mukha = face)!

Bhu mudra – earth (Bhu) touching gesture.

This mudra is good for grounding yourself and being the present moment. It is an excellent mudra to use when meditating to induce stability and “stickability”! It’s great to connect to the earth in this way.

I’ll be back again soon with more mudras!

Meditation mudras

Yesterday, I introduced you to the Jnana mudra – one of my favourites! There are lots of mudras to explore though so today I’m going to show you a couple that are great for use during meditation.

Chin mudra – gesture of free consciousness.

You will probably be familiar with this mudra – it’s the one that’s commonly seen in cartoons of yogis! It is similar to the Jnana Mudra but the palm faces upwards. The joining of the index finger and the thumb still represents that connection with the Universe and it helps you become attuned to your environment. Chin mudra is used to instil calm and harmony.

Vishnu mudra – gesture of universal balance

The Vishnu mudra is the mudra for universal balance – balance of the physical and the mental. It balances muladhara, swadhisthana, and manipura – the lower chakras. It’s a great one to do during meditation or breathing techniques to induce calm, reduce stress and anxiety, and to tame the emotions!

Join me tomorrow for some more madras!

Mastering mudras

I really love the beauty of hand mudras and the amazing way they can influence the subtle energy body to create a feeling of well-being.

Mudra means seal, gesture, or mark. They are typically hand gestures but can also involve the body. I like to use hand mudras during my yoga and meditation practice to help me focus my mind. Different mudras can be used to access qualities like patience and compassion and can help us ground and release.

One of my most adopted gestures is the Jnana mudra – I love using it in my favourite pose, natarajasana. It’s the mudra of wisdom and knowledge. The thumb represents universal consciousness and the index finger represents individual consciousness. By connecting the thumb and index finger we connect ourselves with the Divine Self. The Jnana mudra represents connectedness with the Universe! Beautiful hey?

Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to some more mudras that are good to use during meditation.