Welcome to Hygge Dru Yoga!

Hygge is a Danish word and means a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being! That’s what I was aiming for with my yoga room. It’s so cosy in the evenings and there are even waves on the ceiling to accompany the sound of waves during relaxation! Why not come an treat yourself to a nurturing class and have a bit of time for you!

Making a guest appearance at an amazing workshop!

I’m really excited to be teaching at Jo Padmini Badger’s Yoga Workshop with Shamanic Drumming for Energy and Balance. I will be teaching an empowering Dru yoga session designed to help you set goals and bring back your power!
The workshop will also include Hatha Yoga and Dynamic Yoga taught by two amazing teachers.
Venue: Swalcliffe Village Hall, OX15 5EQ
Free off-road parking is available nearby
Tickets are available by messaging Jo Padmini Badger
For further details please go to the events page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/280778342347495/
Here are some brief details:
Please bring a yoga or camping mat and a warm blanket for relaxation! Wear loose, warm and comfortable clothing. Thank you!
Bring and share vegetarian lunch! Please bring something simple and tasty to share!
Soft drinks provided.
TICKETS available from Jo Padmini Badger – please see Facebook events for further details or drop me a message and I will send you Jo’s contact details: https://www.facebook.com/events/280778342347495/
VIP TICKET £45 to include a complementary 45 min 1-1 Hatha Yoga class with Jo Padmini Badger
EARLY BIRD TICKET before May 14th £30
Payment on Booking please. No refunds given. Thank you.


The World Peace Flame

IMG_00381I thought I would take a moment to share with you the World Peace Flame at the Dru Centre in Snowdonia. Today World Peace Flames burn in thousands of homes, schools, workplaces, hospitals, and places of worship around the world. The number of World Peace Flames continues to grow as international decision makers are presented with flames, and flames are installed in monuments in major cities worldwide.

Some of its humanitarian projects have included:

  • Medical Camps in Gujerat, India
  • Education programmes for children in schools in The Netherlands, UK and Australia
  • Support for children and schools in villages in Gujarat, India
  • Peace projects in Nepal
  • Detraumatisation programmes in Caucasus, Northern Ireland, Sudan, South Africa, and Australia
  • Planting our Future, environmental project
  • World Peace Flame Forums with leaders of society in The Netherlands, USA

Magnificent mudras

Mudras are a beautiful way to influence energy flow within the body to create a feeling of wellbeing. Meaning seal, gesture, or mark – Mudras are typically hand gestures but can also involve the body. Hand mudras are an effective way of focusing the mind and very useful during meditation. These simple, yet powerful, gestures can instil qualities such as patience, strength, compassion, and creativity while also helping us to ground, dispose of emotional and physical baggage, improve relationships and gain balance in our lives. Not bad for such subtle movements! Hand mudras are especially lovely to use during meditation. I have recently been posting a “Mudra for the Day” on my Facebook page – have a look there for more information. http://www.facebook.com/raisinyoga



Remember to gaze into your beautiful palms each morning and see the wonder that is you. See yourself as you truly are – amazing inside and out.